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Staff Directory


Steven Taylor

Executive Director


Steve Taylor at Worcester Youth & Family Counseling Services


Mr. Taylor began his career working for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C. As staff for the National Estuary Program, he was responsible for developing environmental enhancement plans to protect fisheries, preserve natural areas, improve surface water quality and ensure development projects protect sensitive natural habitats. Six years later, he transferred to the MD Department of Natural Resources to manage the Coastal Bays Program, and was charged with developing a similar environmental enhancement plan. During that time, Mr. Taylor also founded the Maryland Coastal Bays Foundation to serve as the non-profit entity responsible for implementing the plan. Shortly, thereafter he moved to New Jersey to create a similar non-profit responsible for protection and enhancement efforts for the Manasquan River. Projects included an award winning Clean Marina Program designed to reduce environmental impacts from marinas, geospatial tools designed to identify degraded wetlands located in sensitive riparian areas and in need of restoration, and a dredged material management plan focused on beneficial uses for the removed material. While in New Jersey, Mr. Taylor also served as the administrator for a county open space acquisition and park improvement program and taught environmental policy and science as an adjunct professor at Monmouth University and Brookdale Community College. In 2010, he and his wife returned to Berlin and opened Ayers Creek Adventures, a kayak eco-tour company that provides interpretive wildlife paddles.

Debbie Smullen

Billing & Insurance Specialist

The Insurance and Billing Specialist credentials the clinicians for licensing requirements with insurance companies, keeps insurance contracts up to date and processes billing for counseling services. As a member of the Worcester Youth and Family team, the Insurance and Billing Specialist also works with the marketing team and provides administrative support.


Brian Scarborough

Brian Scarborough at Worcester Youth & Family Counseling Services


The Accountant is responsible for processing insurance claims, accepting client payments, issuing checks to creditors, creating budgets and financial reports, and payroll processing.


Counseling Services

Dr. Jennifer Leggour, Psy. D


Dr. Jen Leggour obtained her degree from Loyola College in Baltimore, accredited by the American Psychological Association. Her pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship were at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Kennedy Krieger Institute. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Jen has treated all age groups, however she specializes in child and family therapy. She is currently the Clinical Director at WYFCS where she manages a team of 7 therapists. She chose her profession because of her belief that everyone deserves a chance to be healthy and happy.

Jennifer Leggour at Worcester Youth & Family Counseling Services

Clinical Director/Psychologist

Caryn Horn, LCMFT


Caryn Horn has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Masters of Arts in Clinical, Counseling Psychology, specifically with a concentration/specialty in Marriage and Family Therapy. For over 10 years, Caryn has provided individual, couples and family based therapy with much of her training in Philadelphia, the “home” of family therapy. She functions in an eclectic manner within her therapy sessions, finding it most important to meet each client where they are. Although Caryn works with most populations, her specialty is in couples and families, promoting healthy relationships and attachments.

Caryn Horn at Worcester Youth & Family Counseling Services


Erin Sullivan, LCSW-C


Erin Sullivan has been a practicing clinical social worker for over 15 years. Her past job experiences include working at Johns Hopkins Hospital Children’s Center and Coastal Hospice on the Eastern Shore. She has extensive experience working with adults, children and families. Her specialties include grief counseling, anxiety disorders, ADHD, behavioral and mood disorders.

Erin Sullivan at Worcester Youth & Family Counseling Services


Jackie Pisani, LCSW-C


Jackie Pisani earned her Master of Social Work from Salisbury University. She has experience working with children, adolescents and young adults in group and individual settings. Jackie has experience with family therapy as well. Jackie utilizes a mindfulness based approach and has completed a certificate for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens. Jackie’s background experiences include ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder and behavioral problems. While Jackie is open to various ages, her primary population is teenagers.


Kelly Beeseck, LCSW-C


Kelly Beeseck is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker having earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Salisbury University. She has experience working in the residential setting, inpatient setting and outpatient clinic setting on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Past job experiences include working at Go Getters, Lower Shore Clinic ACT and Peninsula Regional Medical Center. Her background experience has included Depression, Bipolar, Schizoaffective, anxiety disorders, Schizophrenia.



Angela Manos

Angela Manos at Worcester Youth & Family Counseling Services

CASA Director

The CASA Program Director oversees the day to day operations of the program and ensures that Lower Shore CASA is in compliance with National CASA and the various grants that support the program. The Director is responsible for meeting the needs of the courts and making sure the children the program advocates for are receiving the appropriate services. The Director is responsible for community outreach and recruiting, screening and training new CASA volunteers. As a member of the Worcester Youth and Family team, the CASA Program Director also works with the marketing team planning and organizing events and fundraisers.


Nina Tomaselli

CASA Volunteer Coordinator

The CASA Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for advocating for the best interests of children in the child welfare system. The Volunteer Supervisor is also responsible for training volunteers and providing ongoing technical assistance and advocacy support for volunteers as well as developing and implementing volunteer recruitment, evaluation and retention strategies. As a member of the Worcester Youth and Family team, the CASA Volunteer Coordinator also works with the marketing team planning and organizing events and fundraisers.


Family Connections

Christine Felix

Family Connections Systems Navigator

The Family Connections Systems Navigator works with families in immediate need of financial resources, food and/ or clothing needs. They navigate through the web of resources in our community to meet their needs. Although we provide links to financial resources, the ultimate goal is to build upon family’s strengths to be self sufficient.


Youth Programs

Tiffany Scott

Youth Programs Coordinator

The Youth Programs Coordinator oversees programming and implementation of adolescent programs. Strengthening Adolescent Girls with Education and Support (SAGES) and Strengthening Adolescent Boys with Education and Resources (SABERS) are programs for youth in 7th and 8th grade. The Berlin Youth Club (BYC) is for youth ages 6-11 who reside in the town of Berlin. The Youth Programs Coordinator organizes cultural, educational, and social activities for the youth throughout the year. The Coordinator also organizes youth activities for various town events, coordinating the use of volunteers. The Youth Programs Coordinator is responsible for grant writing, program budgeting and office duties. As a member of the Worcester Youth and Family team, the Youth Programs Coordinator also works with the marketing team planning and organizing events and fundraisers.



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