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Youth Mentoring Program

The youth mentoring program serves 6th graders through high school seniors with the goal of improving academic performance, social outcomes and ultimately graduation rates for school children. This initiative plays a vital role in identifying students with warning signs of disengagement from school, such as truancy, low grades or behavioral issues.

We are requesting mentor applicants interested in helping children succeed in school and enhancing opportunities for life outside of school. Potential candidates may include:
• Young professionals
• Business leaders
• School teachers
• Social workers
• Nurses
• Police
• Veterans
• Retirees
• Faith-based community members
• Civic groups
• Philanthropic individuals
• Government officials
• Anyone interested in helping students succeed

Mentors candidates will be interviewed, receive a background check and participate in approximately 3 hours of training from WYFCS before being matched with a student and meeting the child’s family. Volunteer mentors will meet face-to-face with their mentee at least twice per month and attend a group meeting at least once per month. Mentors will be asked to commit to one year of participation after assignment and will receive ongoing support from the program coordinator. Mentors will meet with the student to ensure they have the tools and resources to be successful in school. Those resources may include tutoring, referral to counseling, and navigation of social and family support resources.

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