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Your money will help a couple reunite, a single mom discover her potential, a young girl find her voice, an abused child find safety and permanency, an individual empower him or herself, a family gain strength and independence, and change a community.  All donations are tax deductible and as a donor you will receive a thank you letter that can be used as a receipt for tax purposes.  Thank you for your support!

WYFCS Pirates are raising money to avoid walking the plank for the 9th Annual Pirate Party on Friday, May 19th at Sunset Grille! If you wish to donate, please choose your Pirate after selecting your payment method. Your donation will provide a brighter future and empower our youth to reach their full potential.

Featured Pirates:

  • Andrew DelCorro
  • Annie Buxbaum
  • Chris Ray
  • Christina Johnson
  • Colleen Brown
  • David Nolan
  • Deb Travers
  • Deeley Chester
  • Earl Conley
  • Ellen Waters
  • Eric Thompson
  • Evan Elliott
  • Gail Greenwood
  • Hugh Cropper
  • Jay Knerr
  • Jeanice Dolan
  • JL Cropper
  • Joe Kendall
  • Karen Bush
  • Kelly Beauchamp
  • Kenny Tomaselli
  • Lindsey Jenney
  • MaryLynn Knerr
  • Mike Ciorrocco
  • Mike DiPietro
  • Mike Goodbrod
  • Mike Hayman
  • Nick Feickert
  • Patrick Brady
  • Rick Coleman
  • Sarah Stritzinger
  • Sharon Knowles
  • Shawn Harman
  • Shelly Callahan
  • Shelly Delzel
  • Spencer Byrd
  • Todd Ferrante

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