Our Programs

Comprehensive Counseling
The counseling program at Worcester Youth and Family Counseling Services, Inc. offers therapy to all age groups ranging from toddlers to senior citizens. Our team of therapists is well-rounded and well-trained so that we are able to provide assessments and treatment services including individual, group, family, and couples therapy. We also work closely with community professionals including medical doctors, hospitals, and schools to provide comprehensive treatment. Worcester Youth believes not only in minimizing distress but also in capitalizing on an individual’s strengths and maximizing wellness. See our list below regarding our areas of specialty and specific credentials for our counselors.

Youth Programs
Programs for our youth offer meaningful cultural, education, and wellness experiences that promote happy and healthy living.  The Berlin Youth Club, offers a FREE summer camp for children ages 6 to 12 living in the town of Berlin who would not otherwise have the opportunity.   Activities and field trips focus on nurturing talents, developing lasting friendships, building self-esteem, dissolving prejudices, and contributing to society.   Two adolescent programs help meet our young adult needs, one is entitled Strengthening Adolescent Girls with Education & Support (SAGES) and the other is entitled Strengthening Adolescent Boys with Education & Resources (SABERS).  These programs run as weekly groups during the school year on an as-needed basis.

Worcester Connects

Worcester Connects is a youth mentoring program designed for children in 1st to 12th grade in Worcester County schools who are struggling academically or socially. Students can be referred by anyone in the community and are matched with a volunteer mentor who provides them with positive support and experiences to help them feel better about themselves and be successful. Mentors meet with their students individually at least twice per month and once per month as a group with other mentors and mentees.

Worcester Navigation

The primary goal of Worcester Navigation is to reduce the effects of financial hardship on children and families in Worcester County by connecting them to resources based upon their particular needs. This includes, but is not limited to, financial assistance, financial literacy, educational support, job readiness training, mental health therapy, substance abuse service, wellness services, and medical treatment. What makes this program unique is the emphasis of moving beyond an immediate crisis and targeting long-term sustainability and wellness.