Be The Mentor You Needed Growing Up.

Worcester Connects is seeking mentors!

“Worcester Connects” is a youth mentoring program designed to help students who need a positive role model in their lives.  Students in Worcester County grades 1 – 12 can be matched with a volunteer mentor and participate in both individual and group mentor meetings. The focus is on each student’s strengths to help them build self-esteem, be successful in school, and learn how to make positive connections with others.  Our objective is to recruit, train and assign volunteer mentors interested in helping youth attain greater opportunities for success in life.

Mentors must be 18 years or older & plan to see the mentee at least twice a month – scheduled around the mentor’s availability. These meeting are based on both the interests of the mentee and mentor. They are meant to be fun and inspiring for both.

Mentors must participate in a short interview, pass a background check, have a valid driver’s license, and complete a self-guided, online training.

They are asked to commit to the program for at least one year and will meet with their mentee at least twice per month. Free group events will also be held regularly for the both the mentor and mentee to attend when able.

Mentors will be asked to provide one-on-one guidance, coaching and friendship to their mentee and maintain communication with the child’s parents or guardians on progress.

Mentors are not required to hold any special or advanced degrees in education or social services. Mentors are only asked to be supportive of the children enrolled in the program.

The program is funded by the Worcester County Local Management Board through Worcester County’s Initiative to Preserve Families (WCIPF) and is designed to identify students with warning signs of disengagement from schools, such as truancy, low grades or behavioral issues. The Board will communicate with WYFCS to assist in recognizing youth participants suitable for the new initiative. Ultimately, this program empowers the mentee to reach for their goals, improve academic performance and social outcomes, with higher graduation rates. Studies demonstrate youth mentoring programs are effective in improving school attendance, performance, social skills, graduation rates, and greater employment opportunity and success.

If you are interested in mentoring, applications can be found on our website, under the volunteer tab.